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Tonight's Programming

6:00 & 6:30pm: Judge Judy

7:00pm: Modern Family

"Truth Be Told" Phil invites his old high school girlfriend over; Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle and tries to cover his tracks; Mitchell stands up to his boss.

7:30pm: Modern Family
"Starry Night" Phil and Claire tackle school projects; Manny joins in as Jay and Mitchell go meteor watching; Gloria and Cameron have some bonding time together.

8:00pm: Bones
"The He in the She" The team investigates a church community in Maryland after finding the upper torso of a victim who served as pastor there, but later developments change things.

9:00 pm: Bones
"The Skull in the Sculpture" An artist's smashed remains are found in a car, and Booth and Brennan go through a list of suspects to find the killer before the car is put on exhibit.
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