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The CW Las Vegas KVCW-TV and MyLVTV KVMY-TV Las Vegas :: Sales - 360 degree Customer Solutions

What is 360° Customer Solutions?

The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas have a variety of proven opportunities for your company to standout from the competition. We are committed to providing as many tools/opportunities that fit your needs so you have a complete marketing solution (360°) and can maximize your ROI. Such opportunities include research, creative, promotions, texting, internet, OTO specials, and contests.

The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas are committed to being fully invested in learning about your business. When you partner with The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas, you partner with a team of professionals focused on your long term success. By utilizing our research tools to reveal the audience that represents your customer, we can provide you with marketing solutions that are strategically designed to reach those potential customers and grow your business.

The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas strive to create customized multi-media campaigns that help increase awareness of your services and brand your business. We are more than just a television station, we are YOUR MARKETING COMPANY.

A dedicated staff committed to your success with a targeted program schedule designed to maximize your ROI. The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas can be your marketing consultants and provide full 360 degrees of customer focused solutions: The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas 360.

The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas have a variety of proven innovative programs that consistently work for our customer focused advertisers to grow their business. In addition, we have the resources at your disposal that will guide you in finding what programs best fit your target customer.

Creative and strategic commercial production ideas put together by one of the most talented team of producers in the market. The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas award-winning Creative Services team will produce customized creative to deliver your message to the consumers you want.

Customized integrated promotional opportunities to help increase awareness of your company and services you can provide. We go beyond billboards and bonus spots to create impactful enhancements to your commercial campaign.

A dedicated staff committed to maximizing your return on investment with a customer focused solution using 360° Customer Solutions. In addition, The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas will focus on the future of marketing which will soon be a three screen approach: your television screen, your computer screen & your mobile phone screen. The CW Las Vegas and MyLVTV Las Vegas are here for the long-haul to fulfill all your marketing needs today and tomorrow.

For more information about how we can create a marketing solution for you, contact The CW Las Vegas 360 or MyLVTV Las Vegas 360 today:

The CW Las Vegas KVCW-TV
3830 South Jones Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89103


Phone: 702.382.2121
Fax: 702.952.4676

Tonight's Programming

6:00 & 6:30pm: Judge Judy

7:00pm: Modern Family
"A Hard Jay's Night" Mitch is trying to not reveal how he really feels concerning the wedding topper that Cam's father whittled out of soap as a gift for them; Phil tries to help Gloria sell her pre-Jay apartment; Claire and the kids try to help out Jay.

7:30pm: Modern Family
"Dance Dance Revelation" Jay and Phil take Manny and Luke to the mall in order to prepare for their first school dance, but it proves stressful; Claire gets jealous when Gloria shows up to help the committee; Mitch and Cam are horrified by Lily's latest bad behavior.

8:00pm: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
"Gone" A severely paranoid chess grandmaster becomes the prime suspect in Detective Goren's investigation into the death of a young woman who was discarded inside a garbage container, and he must match intelligence with the fugitive to find him.

9:00pm: Law & Order: Criminal Intent
"Collective" Detectives Goren and Eames attend a costume ball that is being thrown for members of a mysterious and morbidly obsessive secret society that is known as the "crypt club," but eerie circumstances are not the only thing they encounter there.
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