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Tonight's Programming

6:00 & 6:30pm: Judge Judy

7:00pm: Modern Family
Australia Phil decides he is going to carry out his mother's desire for him to reconnect with the land in which he was conceived and the whole family is going with him, but Phil and Claire are constantly working and Mitch and Cam reconnect with an old friend.

7:30pm: Modern Family
Benched Luke and Manny's basketball coach quits in the middle of a game, and both Jay and Phil try to take over; Claire and Gloria deal with a sad realization; Mitchell takes Cameron with him to meet a potential client, but he soon regrets it.

8:00pm: The Walking Dead
Better Angels A potential threat has managed to come dangerously close to disturbing the peace that nearly everyone has been able to find at the farm; Rick, Shane, Daryl and Glenn do everything they can in order to keep the rest of the group from harm's way.

9:00pm: The Walking Dead
Beside the Dying Fire In a frantic scurry for survival, the group at the farm is separated from one another as they desperately attempt to fend off a dangerous threat, which leads to the remaining survivors questioning Rick's ability to lead them.
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