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Tonight's Programming

6:00pm: MOVIE: The Open Road
2 hrs, 2009, Drama, Comedy

When a minor league baseball player discovers his mother is in drastic need of heart surgery to save her life, he and his former girlfriend attempt to locate his estranged Hall of Fame father to reunite him with his mother.

Credits: Jeff Bridges (Actor), Justin Timberlake (Actor), Kate Mara (Actor), Harry Dean Stanton (Actor), Lyle Lovett (Actor), Mary Steenburgen (Actor)

8:00pm: MOVIE: Once Upon a Time in Mexico
2 hrs, 2003, Action, Crime, Thriller

A determined CIA agent with a reputation for going rogue when deemed necessary recruits a legendary Mexican pistolero in order to prevent a coup to overthrow the government that is being attempted by a barbaric general and a narcotics lord.

Credits: Antonio Banderas (Actor), Salma Hayek (Actor), Johnny Depp (Actor), Mickey Rourke (Actor), Eva Mendes (Actor), Willem Dafoe (Actor)
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