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Tonight's Programming

6:00 & 6:30pm: Judge Judy

7:00pm: Modern Family

Other People's Children (HD, TV-PG) Jay takes Luke into the garage hoping to instill some manly wisdom into him; Gloria and Claire take Lily shopping for a flower girl dress.

7:30pm: Modern Family
Truth Be Told (HD, TV-PG) Phil invites his old high school girlfriend over; Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle and tries to cover his tracks; Mitchell stands up to his boss.

8:00pm: Bones
Soccer Mom in the Mini-Van (HD, TV-14) A soccer mom killed in a minivan explosion turns out to be a former member of a radical group who was about to turn herself in for a violent crime.

9:00 pm: Bones
Death in the Saddle (HD, TV-14) A bound, footless corpse is linked to a local lodge that serves as an S&M retreat; Angela undergoes hypnosis to discover the name of her previous husband.
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